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Complete sets of Sweet Yurizan
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Sweet Yurizan passed away December 13, 2017
from an accidental drug overdose, it was reported.

Here is my tribute to her in remembrance.

Sheerio's Yurizan Tribute Galleries
Yurizan Set001 Gallery
Set 001
Yurizan is wearing a
lace underwire bra, Gaymode
"Hip·to·Toe" LLPG, and
"Hip·to·Toe" Replaceable Hose
Yurizan Set002 Gallery
Set 002
Yurizan is wearing a
Bali strapless merry widow,
full cut nylon briefs, and
Belle-Sharmeer stockings
Yurizan Set003 Gallery
Set 003
Yurizan is wearing a
Bali longline bra,
Bali panty girdle, and
Royal Purple stockings
Yurizan Set004 Gallery
Set 004
Yurizan is wearing a
Bali underwire bra, Vanity
Fair open bottom girdle,
sheer bikini panties, and
modern stockings
Yurizan Set005 Gallery
Set 005
Yurizan is wearing a
Bali underwire bra, Vanity
Fair full cut nylon briefs,
translucent dress liner, and
vintage elbow-lenth gloves.
Yurizan Set006 Gallery
Set 006
Yurizan is wearing a
Vanity Fair underwire
bra, toga style teddy,
and T-Top pantyhose.
Yurizan Set007 Gallery
Set 007
To be

Yurizan Set008 Gallery
Set 008
To be

Yurizan Set009 Gallery
Set 009
To be

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