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The 2005 Sets Galleries
2005 Set 001 Gallery
2005 Set 001
Kimberly is wearing a vintage
sheer negligee, corselette, nylon
briefs, and stockings. Then she
wears a vintage sheer blouse,
bullet bra, waist cincher, half
slip, nylon briefs, and stockings.
2005 Set 002 Gallery
2005 Set 002
Gina is wearing a vintage
strapless zipper front
corselette, full cut nylon
briefs, and full fashion
2005 Gallery
2005 Set 003
To be announced

About My Sets-By-Year Galleries
The Sets Galleries contain complete unabridged sets.
A "set" is usually a single garment, or maybe an ensemble.
The gallery images retain their original filenames.
When sets are added to the Sets Gallery, they are
removed from the Archive Gallery rotation.
The sets galleries are static, but new galleries are added occasionally.

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