Sheerio 2005 Set 001
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2005 Set Gallery 001

Description: Kimberly is wearing a vintage sheer shorty negligee with a single spaghetti tie at the collar, and vintage sheer gloves to avoid snagging the delicate nylon. Beneath the sheer dressing gown, she wears a strapless lace corselette with garters attached to vintage light tan full fashioned dark seamed stockings. Under the corselette she is wearing vintage Van Raalte full cut nylon briefs with pretty embroidered lace leg edging. The huge rear gusset of these briefs is too enormously large for Kimberly's slender derriere. (SPECIAL NOTE: This is the completion of a set originally released in 2004)
In the second part of the set, she changes into a vintage sheer blouse from the 1950s and a sheer ruffled half slip. Beneath the sheer items, she is wearing a vintage 4-panel lace bullet bra, vintage gartered waist cincher attached to vintage full fashioned stockings, and vintage Van Raalte full cut nylon briefs with a pretty lace front panel and the enormous rear gusset characteristic of vintage Van Raalte briefs.
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