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2002 Set Gallery 001

Description: Crystal is wearing a sheer, relatively modern, All-In-One Long Leg Panty Girdle with a lace bodice and cups, and wide lace bands around the legs, from the late 1990s. Made by Olga ("Behind every Olga, there really is an Olga" was their slogan before 1984), this AIO had a single layer nylon snap crotch which has been removed for an open crotch or crotchless appearance. Underneath the AIO, she is wearing vintage sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose, having a single seam instead of the a cotton gusset that was adopted in later years.
In 1984, Olga was purchased by Warnaco, maker of Warner's brand. See Olga Ertsszek's biography at:
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