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2000 Set Gallery 002

Description: Ingrid starts off wearing a vintage Sno-Flake Bow-Bra long-line bra by Bali, and a vintage Long Line Panty Girdle with an elongated clamshell patterned tummy panel and single layer nylon gusset panel. The clamshell panel is bottoms up, so to speak, on the rear of the girdle. Then she's wearing a pink translucent nylon bra with a tiny pink bow between the cups, a matching camisole, and matching bikini panties made of a single piece of nylon and no gusset at all. Over her panties, she slips on vintage Hanes ultra sheer pantyhose, all-sheer toe to waist, style #885. She slides a different LLPG over the pantyhose. This LLPG has a narrow verticle tummy panel of lace that narrows down to a point just above the crotch, a single layer nylon crotch panel, and elasticized lace leg bands on the legs. Finally, we see Ingrid is wearing that Sno-Flake longline bra and yet another LLPG with a single layer nylon gusset and net legbands. Lines from her pantyhose gusset and a faint appearance of her full cut nylon briefs can be seen beneath the LLPG.

This set is an amalgamation of 3 separate releases combined into a single set.
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