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Updated Dec 2018

PavelPhoto Link

Pavel Photo Home Page
The art of pantyhose photography
Hidnviews Link

Tumblr - Hidnview Girdles
Soon to be deactivated Tumblr site
Hidnviews Yahoo Groups Link

Yahoo Groups - Hidnview Girdles
My favorite spot for girdles, stockings, pantyhose, bras, and full-cut panty images
...along with some very interesting philosophical obsevations
Ivy Leaf's Tribute to the Corsetiere

Ivy Leaf's Tribute to the Corsetiere Home Page
Ivy Leaf's Tribute to the Corsetiere
US Girdle Sales Link

US Girdle-Sales Statistics
US Girdle-Sales Statistics, 19601982
Interesting material
SlipHeaven Link

Slip Heaven
Silky Slips
Fashion Flashbacks

Fashion Flashbacks
Vintage Pantyhose Packaging
Vintage Stocking Archive

Vintage Stockings Archive

An archival website dedicated to photos representing stockings through the decades
Dutch Pantyhose Portal

Dutch Pantyhose Portal

All kinds of stuff - all of it related to pantyhose

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